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Roxanne Janson creates Fine Art and other photography.  Most pieces evoke a sense of place and are timeless, but some capture a changing world.  Subjects include wildlife and nature, travel, aquatic sports, music, aviation, and Americana.

All pieces are created with integrity, and subjects, including the wild animals, are never harassed.  Roxanne tries to ensure that a whale's forward swimming path is never crossed, dolphins don't feel they are being chased, and that many animals are unaware of even being watched.  Most wildlife images are shot with a zoom lens, creating a sense of privacy for the animal but intimacy for the viewer.

Wild animals were photographed in the wild, with one notable exception: the loggerhead sea turtle was rescued and has since been released back to the wild. Roxanne created this image to remember him or her - the turtle was too young for even an expert to determine gender.

Roxanne's photography has been influenced by her experience in the outdoors, water sports, aerospace, publishing, music, aviation and more. She has also been fortunate to have family members who are professionals in aviation and water sports who have provided expertise and access.

Roxanne resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and continues to travel extensively.

Contact:  rjanson@americanmom.net

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